Features of Bookourplane

Our scheduling software has a lot of features so listed below are our main features. We highly recommend you to try out the demo and read our user's guide.

Our features include
100% Free All the functionality we have in our booking system today is Free; however, optional features in the future, such as payments, statistics, logbooks etc. might be offered for a small fee. If you like Bookourplane and want to support this project, I accept donations to help cover the costs.
For anyone Your club do not need to be part of any organization to use our software. Bookourplane is for all flying clubs!
Mobile With our software you have exactly the same functionality on your mobile phone as you do on your computer. You do not need to download an app since our software was built with modern HTML5 technology, just visit bookourplane.com from your mobile and logon!
Unlimited We have no limits on users, aircraft and bookings. Big or small flying club do not matter.
Easy invite Invite new users to the booking system by sending them to your own registration page that is automatically created for your flying club.
User roles Each user of your club can belong to one of 6 different user roles (admin, aicraft manager, member, guest, external flight instructor, student). The user role is what controls what each user have access to in your booking system.
Flight instructor schedule Your club's flight instructors can set up recurring or non-reccuring time slots where they are available or not available. Your instructors can also set the aircraft to only be bookable with a flight instructor.
File archive Upload your flight manuals, service bulletins etc. to your club's file archive. This way all your users can have access to the latest information.
Aircraft messages Post messages connected to a specific aircraft. Each message has a priority (Low, Medium, High or Grounded). Status grounded makes the aircraft not bookable and can used in case of serious problem with the aircraft. All aircraft messages are also delivered by email to all users with email notification turned on.
Club messages Users can post messages on your club's message board. Never miss a BBQ or a meeting again! All club messages are are also delivered by email to all users with email notification turned on.
Scheduled maintenance Administrators or aircraft managers can schedule an aircraft for maintenance.
Club directory Keep all your member addresses, phone numbers and emails in one location.
iCalender When you book aircraft you will get an e-mail with the booking and an attached iCalender file. This file will help you keep your personal calender application updated with your bookings.