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Bookourplane is a FREE web based scheduling application for flying clubs, flight schools and aircraft partnerships. Take our software for a test flight and find out how easy it is to book aircraft and schedule flight training online!

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How it works!

Daily calendar view:
Lists all available aircraft. Quickly book the aircraft by clicking on the horizontal bar. The different blue colors indicate day, twilight and night.
Weekly calendar view:
Displays one aircraft for a full week. Book by clicking in the calendar on the day you wish to fly. The different blue colors indicate day, twilight and night.
Aircraft messages:
Need to post a message about a particular aircraft? With aircraft messages you can post messages that are emailed to all members that subscribe to them. Choose between 4 different priorities and if grounded is selected the aircraft can not be booked.
Aircraft message details:
This is a high priority message marked with red.
Club messages:
Need to post a message to all your club members? With club messages you can post messages that are emailed to all members that subscribe to them. The message is also displayed when you log in.
New booking:
Book the aircraft you wish to fly by clicking in the calendar and then enter all the details here. You can even schedule flight training by selecting your flight instructor if they are available.
My bookings view:
Lists all your bookings. All bookings with a date in the future can be changed or canceled.
Flight instructors schedule overview:
See when your flight instructor is available and book your flight training.
Flight instructor schedule:
Easily manage your flight instructor schedule. Add or remove new time slots you are available for flight training.
Manage you flight instructor schedule:
Add or remove new time slots you are available / absent for flight training.
Members directory:
Easily find your members information in one place.
User details:
Quickly find any users email, address and phone numbers.
File archive:
Keep your aircraft manuals and documentation in one place.
My settings:
Set you all your details here and select what you want notifications for.
Administrator page:
This is where administrators of your club can change all aspects of your aircraft fleet, members and club page.
Administrate club settings:
On this page you as an administrator can mange all of your flight clubs settings.
Manage aircraft page:
This is where the administrators and aircraft managers access all aircraft.
Modify aircraft:
Enter all the details about your aircraft here.
Administrate users:
Here you can manage all your users. Give permissions and approve new users.
Modify user:
Here you can manage all aspects of a users.

For flying clubs around the world!

Bookourplane is used by flying clubs around the world and this map shows the locations of current flying clubs using our scheduling system.

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Countries represented: Afghanistan , Albania , Algeria , Anguilla , Argentina , Australia , Bahrain , Bangladesh , Barbados , Belarus , Belgium , Brazil , Bulgaria , Cambodia , Canada , Chile , Costa Rica , Czech Republic , Denmark , Djibouti , Dominican Republic , Egypt , Finland , France , French Polynesia , Germany , Ghana , Greece , Hong Kong , Hungary , Iceland , India , Indonesia , Iran , Ireland , Isle of Man , Israel , Italy , Japan , Jersey , Kenya , Luxembourg , Macedonia , Malawi , Malaysia , Maldives , Malta , Mexico , Mozambique , Netherlands , Netherlands Antilles , New Zealand , Northern Mariana Islands , Pakistan , Panama , Philippines , Poland , Portugal , Puerto Rico , Qatar , Romania , Saudi Arabia , Serbia , Singapore , Slovakia , Slovenia , South Africa , South Korea , Spain , Sri Lanka , Sudan , Sweden , Switzerland , Tanzania , Trinidad and Tobago , Turkey , Ukraine , United Arab Emirates , United Kingdom , United Stated , United States , United states , United States , United states , United States , Uruguay , Vanuatu , Venezuela , Western Sahara , Zimbabwe


Central Florida Flying Club I was very happy with how easy it was to integrate into our website and when I presented it to the club, everyone was delighted – has all the features a flying club needs to manage their aircraft schedule, it’s easy to use and best of all, it’s free!

Thank you Lars for all of your hard work!

Sean McCarthy
Website admin -

Skyview Ultralights I was starting a small flight school and was searching for a low cost software that would support the functions needed to support flight scheduling. I found to have a lot of the functionality needed and the fact that it is free was great given what it offers. Most other commercial software is not affordable for small clubs or schools that are mainly operating as a hobby. In addition, the support and response time that Lars provides is incredibly fast!

Mazhar Pirani
Skyview Ultralights