About Bookourplane

2003 I was a member of a local flying club where all our members shared the same aircraft. Shairing aircraft is not always easy (especially when the weather is ) so the solution was to find an online aircraft scheduling system that we could use to manage our bookings. We wanted functionality such as text message booking and web based booking. Since no current booking system met our needs we decided to build our own.

Our booking system became quite popular and at a point we had more than 100 flying clubs using it. This is why I in 2015 decided to make a new and improved international version of our aircraft scheduling software.

The new version of Bookourplane has changed quite a bit since the launch in 2004 and is now fully mobile friendly, meaning you can book aircraft and schedule flight training directly from your mobile (if you are on the go).

Feel free to explore our service by clicking on the Demo button above or why not register your flying club now?

Lars Eriksson
Creator of Bookourplane.com

Bookourplane (2004)